Below are past paper questions for Paper 1 2023 National 5


1. Josh earns £9 per hour and works 30 hours a week. His weekly outgoings are £220 a week. Josh saves all his remaining money. He books a holiday costing £566. He will take £800 spending money with him. Calculate the minimum number of weeks it will take him to save the total amount. 

2. A lorry’s speedometer is shown. The lorry’s speed is restricted to a maximum of 56 mph. Use the speedometer to determine this speed in km/h.

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4. Geoffrey shared his savings between his three children, Sophie, Ed and Lucy.
The money was shared in the ratio 7 : 2 : 6.
Sophie received £3304.
Calculate how much money Geoffrey gave his three children in total.


5. Eddie runs a stall at the school fundraiser.
His game requires two spinners to be spun and allowed to come to rest.
The spinners are shown.

A prize is won if one spinner lands on blue or green and the other spinner lands on
an even number.
Calculate the probability of NOT winning a prize.

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